What We Do


For over 15 years, our diverse full stack development staff has built software solutions for everything from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.


BrickVR is our in house virtual and augmented reality division specializing in the needs of today’s modern enterprise. In depth training, data visualization and content and platform developments go hand in hand to help industry, business and marketing excite and engage people in a whole new way.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the ability to help clients achieve tasks previously thought impossible. BrickAI helps clients collect, analyze and utilize information in ways that were impossible only a few years ago. Our team has years of AI knowledge to help you do amazing new things with information.


Devices are smarter than ever and BrickIoT has the knowledge to identify, control and get them working together efficiently. BrickIoT also has the ability to integrate the IoT into existing legacy systems and make them run seamlessly with other technologies.


Healthcare has been the emphasis of BrickSimple since its founding in 2002. In the past 5 years we’ve developed various virtual and augmented reality experiences focusing on specific use cases in data visualization, training, and compliance. BrickSimple has also demonstrated its success in Healthcare through high level web, mobile, IoT, VR/AR, and wearable development.


Red Fox Technology services is the consulting arm of BrickSimple LLC.  We have over thirty years experience providing deep dive technology audits and product assessments for business.