BrickSimple @ Sundance: Using AI and Audience Feedback to Bring Frankenstein to Life


Being a full stack development house that specializes in emerging technologies, we’ve gotten used to having a hand in opportunities that drive technology forward.

But what about an opportunity that reaches backwards through the history of technology at the same time?

BrickSimple recently had a collaborative endeavor with Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab to not only push the boundaries of  interactive artificial intelligence and art, but also to celebrate the 200th anniversary of a seminal piece of literature.

Debuting at the New Frontier section of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival “Frankenstein AI: A Monster Made by Many” was an innovative mix or art and technology to create using the input of the audience. Much like Mary Shelly’s iconic monster, Frankenstein AI was made with a a variety of “parts” cobbled together from the imagination of the audience.

Bringing the experience to life was challenging not only because of the numerous parts that had to work perfectly together, but because some of the technology used was initially obsolete long before most of the engineers working on it were born. One aspect had audience members input questions on a 1920s typewriter that had to be adapted to input queries and translate them into a form the AI could understand.

Frankenstein AI is a perfect example of how modern tech solutions work. Rarely do clients want a solution that uses one technology. Most modern solutions work on a variety of levels together….from mechanical to code to human.