3 Questions: Det Ansinn on solving the hard stuff


We recently sat down with BrickSimple CEO and founder, Det Ansinn, to get his take on the company’s role in the upcoming Philly Codefest hackathon at Drexel University (April 14-15).

What makes a hackathon like Philly Codefest special?

As a company, we’re all about solving complicated challenges. What I like about hackathons like Codefest is that they give the participants a short period of time to focus intently on solving a problem. How often do you get an opportunity to solve a real world problem in a weekend?

BrickSimple is a title sponsor of Philly Codefest. Why the big commitment?

Philly Codefest represents what we stand for: creating solutions to real problems that people and companies have. We have a reputation for innovation. Hackathons like Codefest are a terrific stage to not only highlight our commitment to innovation, but to also support a platform that could spawn even greater things by developers nobody knows yet. And I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit it’s a great way to scout for new talent to add to the BrickSimple team.

Philly’s become a nexus for innovation centered around the greater good. Why do you think that is?

If you look at Philadelphia, it’s as college town as a college town can be. It’s the birthplace of American democracy and the nation itself. We have a rich fabric of academia and enterprise companies in the region. It’s natural for those of us who live and work here to want to have a larger impact on the communities around us. It’s why organizations like CHOP, Jeffereson and Einstein are here. There’s no reason why the technology industry shouldn’t be part of that impact.