About Us

BrickVR is the in-house Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content development unit of BrickSimple. We work both to the benefit of our clients and our marketing/advertising agency partners. BrickVR creates applications and experiences that exploit the unique opportunity of VR/AR to engage people in a whole new way.

Working Experience

BrickVR has proven application experience in Pharmaceuticals/Medical Devices/Health Care, Retail, Real Estate, Live Events, Museums, Gaming, Education, and Engineering.

We have worked with a wide range of VR platforms from mobile VR devices like Gear VR to room-scale experiences on the HTC Vive. BrickVR has a full stack of in-house talent including 3D artists, animators, and modelers, and game developers with formal education (Digipen, Full Sail). Our BrickVR team has deep proficiences in Unity, Unreal, Windows, Android, iOS experience along with device-native software platforms. From real world 360/3D photography to full-room experiences with navigation, dynamic 3D model driven experiences, particle effects, physics and modern game engine features, our team is able to deliver the full stack of skills necessary to bring these experiences to life.

Beyond virtual reality, BrickVR has unparalleled AR experience including Microsoft HoloLens (wave 1 developer), Vuzix iWear, and ODG devices. During the Google Glass era, we established a reputation as one of the best known glassware developers in the world. One of our projects, working with artist David Datuna, is the subject of an award-winning documentary being released in Summer, 2016.

BrickSimple White Label VR Player

The BrickVR White Label VR Player™ allows marketing/advertising agencies and brands to manage and distribute privately-branded virtual reality video experiences. Using our player, you fully control the integrity your brand and capture unique analytics. Our player allows you to provide your clients and customers within your own private experience instead of directing them to a third party player. Please contact us for details.