BrickSimple is a skilled team of software developers leading the charge into the future of mobile, IoT, web, VR/AR and wearable applications

Who we are

Since 2003, BrickSimple has been a software engineering company dedicated to delivering enterprise-level software solutions for Fortune 500 healthcare, industrial, and manufacturing companies. Solutions range from large-scale health enterprise management systems to front-end web-based and mobile IoT.

BrickSimple’s creative and technically skilled staff develop solutions that use tested current mobile computing and the best of powerful emerging technologies. We are committed to developing innovative experiences for our clients. We thrive on challenging technology problems and devising solutions that are robust, thoughtful and scalable.

What we stand for

Communicate honestly, effectively and with empathy to our clients. We are in the business of articulating our client's imagination.

We bring our whole selves to work. We find ways to put ourselves into our projects in ways that illustrate who we are as individuals and as a team.

Find innovative ways to solve problems. We never take our work for granted, no matter how small the task.

Ethics matter. We think about how our decisions affect our clients in all aspects of our job.